About Us

TrackMate 360 pride itself in the inaugural occurrence of the store that leads to hands-free streaming. We are a team of creatives who is adroit at designing hassle-free mobile holders. Our passion is built on the desideratum to make your smartphones smarter. Lay hold on what you covet the most — comfort!

TrackMate 360 is designed to help you get the best photos and videos without having to worry about being framed in correctly. If you want to create videos like a pro, TrackMate 360 has you covered. From late night streaming to dynamic photo shoots to selfie elegance to automatic rotating for ease, we are the most precise store that matches your each demand. Now relentlessly, binge watch without getting your hands exhausted. 

We have a wide range of phone holders to take the edge of the inconvenience in holding phones for long. Get your comforting holders hovering amongst portable selfie ring lights, the 3 in 1 wireless bluetooth selfie stick, automatic 360° rotating phone holder, and new craziest arrivals to steal your heart. The mission of the label TrackMate 360 is to serve comfortability with automatic 360° phone rotation, hands-free video call, auto tracking, quick create modes, live multi-streaming, and remote control for mobile users. 

We are just intending to make the best phone experience for global mobile users. With affinity for high quality and premium products, we feel privilege in serving the elite cell phone stands at the TrackMate 360. Get it to rotate to complete a 360° gradient!